Quick update

I mentioned a while back that I’ll be posting something on the rejected designs and the process I went through to create some of the visualisations. That’s still on my to do list, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll get that out. Infact it may be a 2 parter as I’m imagining it to be a pretty big post, with lots of samples of styles and designs, and why I rejected them over the published ones. Some of our friends have helped our site with search engine optimization which goes hand in ahnd with infographics \
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Anyways, the reason there hasn’t been an update in so long is because I’m in the process of moving down to London. Actually I’m in London at the moment, without a computer and without the internet, which is why I’m in an internet cafe at the moment with 9 minutes remaining on my time trying to write this update pretty damn fast.

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Hopefully I’ll have a new laptop by the end of next week, and will crank out some more stuff soon.

New job!

Also, I’ve accepted a new job at a company in London dealing with search technology, news, and data visualisation, and I’m just waiting to sign the contracts. Hopefully the paperwork will be done sometime this week, or early next, and I can let you know who that lucky bunch are! One Job We workedon was the design of this project - Reviewimo and this one as well helping with proper clean shower water for people with dirty showers Showermeister

The good thing about this is that in alot of respects, DesigningTheNews will become my day job. Bonus! Which means in areas where the work isn’t subject to NDA, I can share some of the things I’m working on right here. With you. Before anyone else. :)

Stay tuned! And thanks to everyone who’s emailed me wanting posters. At this rate if interest keeps up I may have to do another run!We also provide top


Final university project grade = 1st!

Still in the apple store on Regent street. Single solitary tear just hit the keyboard. Not sure if that’s because I got a first, or because I will forever remember that I used a Mac to find it out. Thank-you

Final degree show

The website for the final year degree show has now gone up. The exhibition is called Studio309, and will take place from this Saturday 14th until next Friday 20th June. Details of opening times, and previews of work can be found on site. If you’re in Huddersfield or up north then stop by and take a look. It’s free!


Limited edition printing now available


Just a quick note to say that I’ve just set up a prints page for the One week of the Guardian data visualisation posters. They’ll be a very limited print run so if you’re interested in getting your hands on one, the series, or more then you’ll have to be quick!

Only available until MIDNIGHT GMT tonight!

I’ll be taking orders via email until midnight on June 15th. They’re £12 each, printed on thick semi-gloss paper, and are all signed and numbered on the reverse so you know which one you bought!

Remember kids, having the series is like owning Pokémon. Gotta catch ‘em all.

UPDATE: 12:30 25/June All posters were delivered to the post office this morning, and should be on their way to you shortly!

UPDATE: 10:30 24/June I’m sick as a dog at the moment. I have all the prints, all packaged and ready to ship. I managed to get a couple out yesterday, but the rest will be going out no later than tomorrow morning.

Sorry they’ll be a day or two late. This ‘not man-flu’ has knocked me off my feet.

corefront.ca <

Project storyboard

One of the mandatory requirements of this project is a story/information board to explain the what why and how of the project. Instead of just having something informative but separate, I’ve thought about placing it on the reverse side of the visualisation posters. This way there’s a little project information included with each piece so viewers can understand what’s going on.

The info poster below is a larger view of what was included in the supplement prototype packaging that I posted yesterday.

For each piece printed, the preview image of the storyboard (this one being the Thursday visualisation) would be the preview to what’s printed on the opposite side of the page, thereby allowing the poster to be hung either side for a more informative view, or a more visual view.

Supplement packaging prototypes

Instead of just having posters up for sale and available, I’ve been thinking about how I would round off the project, and go about getting the posters (and the knowledge that they exist) out and available to wider audiences. As far as the internet is concerned, this page and the project can get stumbled, dugg, reddited, and so on and so forth, which is great, but this is still just a fraction of the amount of readers the Guardian reaches on a daily basis. So how do I put my work infront of the eyes of the millions of readers of the Guardian, keep it there long enough for it to become a talking point, and encourage people to look at it?

Well one idea I had was a supplement piece, with accompanying package containing a fullsize A1 print every week for six weeks. This way the One week of the Guardian project is contained in it’s own package, with accompanying information which tells the story of the project, and a poster of a piece of work to encourage people to collect the whole series.

Inside the envelope, the A1 print would be folded down to A5 size, 4 folds in half each time. Printed on the back of the visualisation for that day would be a storyboard with project information, the same for each day so that if a reader jumped on board half way through the issues, they would still know what’s going on.

A rough scale of things would look something like this.

I was thinking it might be nice to have these supplemental packages published next year on the dates they were created, as a time capture looking back one year ago using data visualisations. A hypothetical fantasy, but a nice one I think.