Refocused project aims and outcomes

After a presentation I gave last month as part of a first term review, I have decided to refocus the main project aims and outcomes. When I decided to take on this project my aims were to create and develop a broad range of experiments which encourage viewing the news in different, more visual ways. Although I would like as much as possible to be able to do this, being a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ is not what I’m going for.

Therefore, I have now set new project goals to concentrate on, whilst still keeping the theme of making the news more visual.

The refocused project aims will now be:

  1. Simplification - To explore various ways of simplifying the presentation of existing news, and news data.
  2. Visualisation - To transform a primarily text based medium into a more visual presentation of information.
  3. Relationships - To create relationships between news reports to create a complete view of a series of events.

The presentation slides are available as a PDF if anyone wants. There’s not really much explanation in the slides but I think you can kind of see my train of thought.

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