One day of The Guardian

Recently I’ve been working on some static visualisations of news, and decided to create a poster with all of the news printed in the Guardian newspaper for one day. I played about with a couple of versions, trying to create relationships between the stories and the authors.

The visual is based on serial relationships between elements, but more on serial and parallel relations later. :)

One day of The Guardian Screen 1

Colour coded articles put the stories into categories.

One day of The Guardian Screen 2

The pipes connect the categories to one another in serial relationships.

One day of The Guardian Screen 3

Overlayed some quick and dirty scribbles to relate the stories to the authors.

One day of The Guardian Screen 4

…And a quick tally of stories by category and total.

There’s a fair bit to learn just from looking at this. For example, how the paper starts off by having varying subject categories before progressing into special dedicated sections with concentrated subject areas, seeing what were the most popular story categories, or which authors have the most published articles for that day.

View the full size posters

View the poster with coloured category linking, or the poster with author linking and story tally marking.

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